Did Adele Just Reveal Her Son’s Name In The Stealthiest Way Possible?!

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adeleWhile out shopping in Hollywood yesterday, photographers noticed that Adele wore a necklace with the name Angelo on it. Considering her name isn't Angelo and considering most people don't wear the wrong name around their own neck, people started to think that Angelo could be her son's name. And you know what, it could be.

However unlike other people who think she did this accidentally, I believe the opposite. She's a woman who's guarded her son's privacy extremely intensely — do we really believe she wasn't thinking that morning when she put that necklace on to go shopping in Hollywood? No. She totally leaked her own son's name so that by the time she actually mentions it, the whole issue will be moot. Everyone will be all like, “oh, I think I knew that already.” And the world will keep spinning on and we'll move on to stalking another celebrity's young child. It's somewhat genius.

You've got to hand it to Adele for continuing to be one of the classiest celebrities around. Or not around. Because she isn't. She does her thing and then disappears back into anonymity. Sure it's frustrating for us not to know what she's doing at all times, but it's also comforting to know that it's possible to be both a successful singer — as well as a private human being.

In fact, I'd go as far as to say that it proves that celebs can live a paprazzi-free existence. Sure you have to move out of LA to do it, but maybe it's worth it if you want to raise your children without cameras in their faces all the time. Just (metaphorically) look at Julia Roberts' kids. I could pass them on the street and have no idea that they belong to one of the most famous woman in Hollywood.

So slow clap for Adele this morning. Once again she reminded us that it's possible to be an award-winning pop singer as well as a classy human being.  Keep that in mind celebrities who claim to want to be known only for their work — it's an attainable goal. Just not when you're stumbling out of the Chateau Marmont like a hot mess at 3 A.M on a weeknight.

(Photo: Apega/WENN.com)