There’s A New Clue In The ‘What’s Adele’s Baby Named?’ Mystery

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Adele Grammys Tattoo Baby Name

If you, like me, have found it difficult to eat, sleep or function like an all-around normal human being without knowing for certain what Adele's son is named, we might have another clue! First she wore a necklace reading “Angelo,” and now she's sporting a new tattoo behind her ear of the letter “A.” See it in all its significance here. It was the most shocking element of the Grammys red carpet last night, aside from Katy Perry's magnificent boobs.

Sure, this could just be Adele's tribute to The Scarlet Letter. I mean, we all have our quirky literary tattoos. I can't walk down the street without someone asking me about the tattoo of Mr. Darcy's letter to Elizabeth Bennet that loops around and around my arm in tiny calligraphy. And I suppose the “A” could also just stand for Adele. But she wasn't wearing an “Adele” necklace last month. She's not Carrie Bradshaw.

As frustrated as I am by unofficial, suspected, kinda-confirmed-but-not-quite news, I kind of love Adele for sending us these hints without actually telling us what she and Simon Konecki named their son. She got the tattoo in the first place, and then she wore her hair up for a reason last night. She obviously wants us to know, but she's going about it in a very cheeky (yeah, I'm British now, apparently) way that I love. By dropping these subtle, unverified hints, she draws our attention to the fact that she wants her privacy, because meanwhile we're twitching behind our computers examining the photos, and at the end of the day we have to ask ourselves, “Does it really matter what Adele named her baby?” Phew, it was really hard for me to admit that.

I wonder if Adele told Beyonce her son's name when they had that little chat last night at the awards? I bet she did, and then they laughed and laughed.

(Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com)