Adele Demonstrates The Proper Way To Get Married and Have A Baby As A Celebrity By Shutting Up About It

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Love means never having to blab endlessly about your celebrity baby bump or engagement, according to AdeleProving once again that she is amazing at keeping her lips shut unless she's blowing all other pop singers out of the water, Adele is not only most likely in her third trimester of pregnancy, but now she's a married woman too.  She and Simon Konecki were apparently wed at some point this summer.

The most down-to-earth and intelligent celebrities are the ones who keep their private lives private and only do publicity fluff when they have something to promote, in my opinion.  Think about it– Adele certainly doesn't need to desperately seek out press to complement her success, her talent and personality are more than enough.

Thanks to the blessing/curse of social media, we're privy to the private lives of a lot of celebrities.  Those that are considered less than A-list or are in need of some headlines are the ones who take advantage of social media the most.  For example, in the last year we've had the endless gestational periods of Jessica Simpson, Hillary Duff, and Kristin Cavallari shoved in our faces.  All three of those ladies have fallen off the relevant bandwagon during the last few years.  With no movies, albums, or reality shows to promote, they took to Twitter and the paparazzi to inundate the world with their quips on pregnancy and motherhood, snapshots of their growing baby bumps, and baby's first pics.  I don't know about you, but I don't even care all that much about my actual friends' endless Facebook and Twitter baby pics, let alone irrelevant celebrities.

I also happen to have an obsession with Adele, who stands out from a sea of bony, auto-tuned, badly styled “pop princesses” by being beautiful, real, and enormously talented.  So even though an “anonymous wedding guest” and “close source” ratted her out for what I can only assume was a nice chunk of change, I'm happy for her for doing it privately and not turning it into a circus.  She's handled her pregnancy and engagement like she's handled everything else…absolutely fabulously.


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