Video: Adam Scott And Nick Offerman Accepted An Invite To A College Dorm Party

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On last night's episode of The Late Show With David Letterman, the ever charming Adam Scott told a story about what happened when NBC threw a party on a college campus and some young hooligans invited him and Nick Offerman to a dorm party there.

The anecdote is so full of greatness that you really should just watch it, but my favorite revelations include:

-NBC parties are mandatory for all the people appearing on NBC shows.

-Some random college kids managed to invite Adam Scott and Nick Offerman to party down (so to speak) at their dorm party while they were on the red carpet, and they accepted.

-Adam Scott does an amazing Nick Offerman impression.

-Adam Scott said “let's go blow some minds” before heading over.

-Adam Scott never got to blow any minds, because the kids who invited them had totally disappeared by the time they got there. Disappointing!

-Or maybe he did get to blow some minds after all, but had to omit that from the story for legal reasons.

What was Adam Scott planning to do at that party, and why did NBC throw a party on a college campus to begin with? One thing's for certain: Ben Wyatt and Ron Swanson are welcome to crash Crushable's keggers any time they like. I would also like to request that Nick wear the tiny hat from the episode of Parks and Rec where everyone gets drunk on snake juice:

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