Paul Rudd And Adam Scott Are Ideal As Ladies In The Bosom Buddies Shot-For-Shot Remake

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Adam Scott and Paul Rudd as cross-dressing men in Bosom Buddies remake January 2014For anyone who's been following Adam Scott‘s Greatest Event In Television History series, you've probably been struggling with an exponentially mounting sense of respect for him. It's a tough thing, and I understand it perfectly. Just when you think you can't be any more impressed by his shot-for-shot remakes of classic TV show opening credits, he goes and releases another, and your esteem for him swells dangerously again.

Well for anyone struggling with that as I have been, I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is, there's a new one out, and it's really great, so buckle up. But the good news is, this is the last one, so your appreciation for his artistic craft really gets a chance to level off. At least until the next episode of Parks And Rec

The remake of Bosom Buddies aired last night on Adult Swim, and SPOILER ALERT. It was amazing. Just as amazing as Simon & Simon, Hart to Hartand Too Close for Comfort were before it. In this one, he and Paul Rudd star as two men who have to go into drag in order to live at a ‘dirt cheap' hotel for women. HILARITY ENSUES. And even more so than you think, because Vulture has the two versions side by side, and Tom Hanks is in the original! What fun.

It also stars Jillian Jacobs, Aidy Bryant from Saturday Night Live, and some extremely impressive sporting maneuvers. I'd love to know how long this all took to film, but I worry it would spoil the magic.

YOU'RE A WIZARD, ADAM SCOTT! You're a wizard, and I love you.