Adam Scott Acts Out The Top 10 ‘How To’ Google Searches Of 2013, Makes Me Wish He Would Put His Bing In My Yahoo

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Adam Scott how to tie a tie google search

Hey guys! Not sure if you've heard, but 2013 is almost over. I know, I know, it's crazy. But time flies when you're spending every single second of every single day stalking celebrities. (Please see Crushable.com in its entirety for more on that.) In honor of the year ending, we — the media — are trying to compile as many lists as possible to sum up the year. I mean, you don't need to rush out and send us a thank you card, but you're welcome. As part of this tradition, Adam Scott ran through the top 10 Google searches of 2013 on Jimmy Kimmel LiveAnd I do mean ran through. He challenged himself to explain them all to us in 60 seconds or less. Stressed reading that last sentence? Try watching it. My angina's back in full force.

Honestly, I didn't think he can do it. Sure the guy's adorable and sure I mean it when I say he can but his bing in my yahoo, but I never thought he'd be able to explain 10 things in one minute. He's an actor, not a superhero. But amazingly enough, he manages to do it! Fiinnne, that's a lie. He goes over by like 12 seconds, but we'll forgive him because that face is just too much for me. And honestly teaching someone how to tie a tie would take me at least 400 minutes. Because goshdarnit, I can never figure it out. And don't even get me started on “how to flirt.” My method still involves distributing cooties, so I actually should probably rewatch that section of the video. Which brings me to you needing to watch it for the first time. Enjoy!