Adam Scott Manages To Outcharm Jon Hamm In Friends With Kids

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Adam Scott Jon Hamm Friends with KidsFirst of all, let me say that if you are expecting to see the adorably nerdy, couldn't-be-nicer Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation in the new film Friends with Kids because both characters are played by Adam Scott, then you will be disappointed.

Not that Adam Scott's character Jason isn't great. But he has a cocky, womanizing flair that would definitely scare Ben unless he were wearing his Batman suit. Despite his attitude toward the fairer sex, Adam managed to turn his cocky, womanizer, man-child into a person we were unabashedly rooting for. He even managed to outcharm the incredibly charming and handsome Jon Hamm, who, let's face it, even makes a bitter married man sexy.

Friends with Kids is about two single pals, played by Scott and Jennifer Westfeldt (who also wrote and directed), who want to have a kid but don't want to end up like their crazed, married friends weighed down with children. So they decide to have a baby, but just as friends. Basically, they will raise it like a divorced couple. Seems like the perfect plan, right? I mean, marriage? Who needs that shit? If we've learned anything from pop culture, it's that friends-with-benefits always works, so why not throw a kid in the mix?

Except, wait. The friends-with-benefits thing lasts only about 40 minutes until Mila Kunis or Ashton Kutcher realizes they love this person with all their heart and they want more. So you get the idea of where the plot progresses—except this film is much smarter than both Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached.

But back to Adam.

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