Amy Poehler Is Adam Scott’s Stepmom In The A.C.O.D. Trailer, So Prepare To Obsess

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Amy Poehler ACOD trailer 2013

If Parks and Recreation and The Greatest Event in Television History just aren't enough Adam Scott and Amy Poehler for you (and how could they be?), then you're in for quite a treat this morning. These national treasures are starring in a new movie together called A.C.O.D. It premiered at Sundance earlier this year, and those of us normals who couldn't make it to the festival finally have a trailer to watch. But here's the catch. If you were expecting Adam and Amy to play another adorable couple like they do on Parks and Rec, think again. Amy plays Adam's stepmom. And I'm totally unashamed to say I'm obsessed with it.

A.C.O.D. stands for Adult Children of Divorce, and the movie's main adult child is played by Adam. His divorced parents, played by Catherine O'Hara and Richard Jenkins, are constantly fighting, with Adam's character stuck in the middle. On top of all this, he discovers that his therapist (Jane Lynch) used him as the subject of her self-help book. Aaaand his father has just married his third wife, played by none other than Queen Amy Poehler. Adam and Amy don't have a lot of screen time together in this trailer, but when they are together it looks like it's going to be a very anti-Leslie-and-Ben relationship. And Amy in general looks to be playing a very anti-Leslie-Knope character. And I'm very excited. As much as I love these two as a TV couple, I'm interested to see them with a different dynamic. I'm also interested to see Amy play a more villainous character, especially when smudgy eyeliner is involved. I'm sensing shades of “cool mom” Mrs. George, aren't you?

This movie also just generally looks good. As an A.C.O.D. myself, it strikes a nerve, and the cast is pretty amazing. Oh, and Jessica Alba's there too, which I suppose is acceptable. She's fine, she's just a little zzzzzz, you know what I mean? But she has an edgy tattoo in this one, so oooh, how different. Anyway, excuse my snark and bask in the trailer for yourself.