Adam Sandler Changes All The Words To ‘Hallelujah’, Steals The Show At The Sandy Benefit Concert

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adam sandler hallelujah concert

It's fair to say that everyone who showed up to perform during last night's star-studded 12-12-12 Sandy Benefit concert did an amazing job. From Bruce Springsteen to Alicia Keys to The Rolling Stones, the talent really shined in an effort to raise money for the areas of New York and New Jersey that are still devastated by the effects of Hurricane Sandy. The sold-out concert aired all over the world and the producers say that up to two billion people had the potential to watch it live.

However the best part of the show (besides their amazing fundraising abilities) turned out to be Adam Sandler singing a new version of the song “Hallelujah.” Before watching the concert, I would say that The OC effectively ruined that song for me by playing it as Ryan Atwood carried Marissa Cooper away from a fiery car crash.  But last night's New-York themed version definitely reminded me why I originally liked the song so much.

It's a great song with a mournful tune that only gets better when the chorus gets changed to, “hallelujah, Sandy screw ya, we'll get through you because we're New Yorkers.” Also the bed bug epidemic of 2010 gets a shout-out — and considering I spent that entire year googling every red bump that turned up on my body, that really hit close to home for me.

So watch the song now, see how many of the NYC references you get and then thinking about donating to the victims of the Hurricane.