Adam Pally Puts Friends References Into A Kanye Song, Awesomeness Ensues

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Adam Pally Jimmy Kimmel Friends rap 2013

Adam Pally went on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. You might know Adam from canceled-before-its-time sitcom Happy Endings (RIP) or I guess also from The Mindy Project, if you're into shows that haven't been canceled. He's also just hilarious in general, even outside of those shows, so naturally this interview turned pretty awesome when Adam started talking about his love of hip-hop.

As Adam explains, he loves hip-hop music and wants to sing along to it, but he doesn't want to go all Paula Deen on the lyrics and include the N-word. So he has a way around it, and he's kind enough to share his method with Jimmy and the live audience and all of us watching. He stands up and gives a confident performance of Kanye West's “New Slaves,” with certain references inserted to make it more politically correct. Those references are Friends references.

They're specifically Ross Geller references, which is really nice because Ross doesn't get enough attention. Odds are if you take one of those “Which Friend are you?” quizzes and you get Ross, you spend the rest of the day trying to get a different result, if you haven't already hurled your computer through the window from rage. David Schwimmer also doesn't make as many appearances these days as a lot of the other Friends, especially the ones who are constantly pregnant. So it's nice to see Adam show some Ross love.

It's also very entertaining and kind of bittersweet because Happy Endings really was the Friends of its time, so watching Adam rap about it just warms my TV-obsessed heart. I'm definitely going to need him to release an entire album of these songs. Like Macaulay Culkin's pizza cover band, except with Friends references. And then maybe the rest of the Happy Endings cast can get involved. And then maybe they can film it. And turn it into a TV show. A show called Happy Endings. Bring Happy Endings back, please.