Just Your Average Half-Nakey Photo Of Adam Levine Strutting In His Underoos

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Adam Levine half naked photo from Behati Prinsloo's Instagram August 2013

Did you guys come in here looking for a half-naked photo of Adam Levine prancing around in his underwear? I'm hoping so, because Behati Prinsloo posted one and we have it right here. Also that headline was super clear, so if you came here looking for information on, like, how to get a voter registration card as a Guam resident, I'm worried about your clicking / comprehensive skills. Just saying.

But assuming we're all here for the right reasons (flashbacks to The Bachelorette), please to enjoy the above snapshot which Behati posted to her Instagram with the caption, “70's porn called. It wants it's [sic] vibe back. Immediately.” Ah, we got jokes, too? Jokes on jokes. I guess that's what happens when a man puts his reputation on the line to propose marriage to you on bended knee. Puts you in your comfort zone and gets the humor flowing.

All that I ask is that while you're looking at the photo, that you don't use it to go giving Justin Bieber any ideas, okay? Just because it's okay for Adam to walk around with no pants and no shirt doesn't mean it's okay for anyone else. We're already having trouble keeping Justin clad up top, so the last thing we need is for him to transition from those baggy-crotched pants into distinctly not baggy-crotched briefs. I don't care that legally he's over eighteen; the immaturity in his brain drops him right down to a cumulative age of fourteen, as far as I'm concerned.

But as long as Adam and Behati keep this image far from the prying eyes of young Bieber, I don't see anything wrong with them posting it. This is, after all, the very same body that induced a literal model to agree to marry Adam in the first place, so do you blame him for prancing it around through…middle school hallways? Seriously, though, doesn't that totally look like where he is? Must be a lot closer to the surface of the sun than your standard institution of education, what with the sunglasses and lack of clothes. But that's just the Sherlock Holmes in me talking. You can feel free to enjoy this photo sans any and all detective work.

(Image: Instagram)