Adam Levine Attempts To Win Us Over With Charming SNL Promo Spots

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I hate Adam Levine, you hate Adam Levine, we all hate Adam Levine. I hold the reasons for this to be self-evident (but will nonetheless get into the specifics of them on Friday). However, he is very successful for someone so hated, so he will be hosting SNL this coming weekend. In an effort to get people to watch, even if they are hate-watching, SNL put his smug face and unearned tattoos in some promos with Bobby Moynihan. Is this clip charming enough to win you over?

Haha, no, but let's watch it anyway. In the first bit, Levine says he wants to sleep with an SNL cast member and proceeds to get down with Bobby Moynihan, which is funny because it's funny when two men kiss each other! I guess it's also supposed to be funny because Adam Levine is out of Bobby's league, but I wouldn't sell him short like that, because Bobby Moynihan is talented and cool and has a good personality…I'll let you finish that sentence.

Next, Bobby ties him to a chair and makes him push a button to choose him, which I am told is something they do on The Voice. Okay.

Next, Adam Levine tries to send a “good message for the kids” re: Bobby's drunk uncle character, which is funny because Adam Levine loves to do drugs.

I don't know what happens next because my brain shuts off whenever my eyes see or hear Adam Levine for too long.

The Adam Levine hosted SNL airs on NBC this coming Saturday at 11:30 eastern, which should be just enough time to invent an Adam Levine filter for your TV!

(Via Vulture)