Yes, Adam Levine Made Me LOL Last Night On SNL… So What?

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I surprisingly and reluctantly admit that Adam Levine did not suck as the host of SNL last night as much as I thought he would.  Singers are usually hit-or-miss on SNL, because they're either completely out of their comfort zone and supremely awkward (Britney Spears) or they're talented and comfortable enough to really get into it (Justin Timberlake, duh).

Though Adam Levine did in fact make me laugh out loud last night, so did everyone else.    I still maintain that Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong should be used more often, featured players though they may be.  They're still brand-new, so they haven't mentally checked out of the show like Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen kind of have.

Here are my picks for the best moments from last night's Saturday Night Live:

1.) The Sopranos Diaries
Don't judge me for making this number one.  I can't help myself.  The checkered table cloth in the cafeteria and Carmella Soprano as a Swatch watch-wearing teen made my night.  If you blink you'll miss Cecily Strong as the guidance counselor, but it was awesome.

2.) Digital Short, “YOLO”
It's the battle cry of a generation.

3.) Rosetta Stone commercial
Perfection.  I will never be able to watch a real Rosetta Stone ad without thinking of “Ultra Small Condoms” and Thai hookers.

4.) The Gay Network
This is where Adam Levine had his best moments, in my opinion.  And let's be honest, the older we get the more “decoy babies” we see pictures of on Facebook.  If you see something, say something!

5.) Firehouse Incident
I have absolutely no idea what this was about and I can't claim it makes total sense.  But watching Bill Hader freak the fuck out over Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 getting cancelled brought tears to my eyes.


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