Adam Levine Is Even Smug When Talking About Tripping On Magic Mushrooms

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Maybe he just has that kind of face, but everything that comes out of Adam Levine‘s mouth sounds at least a little bit smug to me. Hence, it stands to reason that even when talking about psychedelic drugs (which are like, totally awesome, dude), he would come off like a gigantic tool.

While discussing his new film Can A Song Save Your Life (because he's an actor now) with Q Magazine, he admitted to using magic mushrooms in his eternal quest for creative self-actualization:

“I definitely believe that the experience I had on mushrooms made me understand things about myself that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. What I took away from that experience was valuable and beneficial to me. It really forced me to look at myself.”

I realize everyone's mushroom experience is different, but I feel like you have a lot of seemingly profound thoughts while you're on them which you later realize are too stupid to even tell anyone. Thoughts like, “what are feet, really?” “what if it's all somebody's dream, man?” and “holy shit, half of me is stuck in the floor.” I'm not saying you can't have a valuable experience on them (you can!), but it's really, really hard to talk about it without sounding like a new age-y asshole. I also find it somewhat telling that he thought primarily about himself while tripping, because psychedelics are supposed to make you transcend self, man. I, for one, have had no clue what a “Jamie” is for several weird hours at a time.

Or maybe I'm just unfairly down on him because of all the douchey things he's said in the past and all the terrible music he's made! This is certainly a possibility.

(Via The Sun UK)

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