Adam Is Probably Going to Die on Degrassi: Now or Never

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Degrassi: Now or Never wraps up next week — and as the trailers predicted, there's going to be a big death at Degrassi's prom. MuchMusic has released the promo for next week's tragedy, and I have to anxiously suggest that the death may not be Drew (Luke Bilyk), as I've been guessing for the last few weeks. There's a good chance it'll be trans kid Adam (Jordan Todosey)!

The overarching plot during this summer season has been Drew's involvement with a gang: After Bianca's ex-boyfriend tried to rape her, Drew fought him and Bianca killed him; then the next member who found Bianca's bracelet ended up in jail; and now Vince, yet another guy, beat Drew up and forced Bianca to sell drugs in order to protect Drew. (The two of them broke up somewhere in the beginning of the season.)

I think Drew's been a red herring all along, and that the gang members are going to infiltrate prom to kill the person who means the most to Drew: His brother Adam. In TimCurry-in-Clue-style, I've taken apart the teaser frame-by-frame to explain my reasoning.

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