Here’s A Photo Of Adam Brody Doing The Drive Of Shame From Leighton Meester’s House

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Here s A Photo Of Adam Brody Doing The Drive Of Shame From Leighton Meester s House adam brody dating leighton meester 640x433 pngEarlier this week we got the exciting news that former TV stars Adam Brody and Leighton Meester are dating. We obvi squeed in delight, because it’s The OC/Gossip Girl crossover that we always dreamed about when we watched TV back in the mid ’00s.

And now, in the same week that we learned about their relationship, we get photos of Adam Brody driving away from Leighton Meester’s house early in the morning. Yep, you read that right: morning. And that only means one thing. They totally slumber-partied. Although I’d be willing to bet that they didn’t spend the whole night making prank calls and eating ice cream straight out of the container. As my good friends, the Ashleys, would say, SCANDALOUS!

As far as celebrity couples go, I’m pretty excited about this pairing. Mostly because I think they might truly be in like with each other. It’s not like either one is up for an Academy Award and they need cutesy couple stories for the red carpet. Or some other publicty-stunt-motived reason to start publicly dating. They’re both out of the public eye enough that it makes this sense that this is real.  And isn’t that nice to see in a world where so many couples appear to have motivations behind their very public PDA.

Also I guess it’s reassuring to know that if Adam Brody won’t date me, he’ll date a fellow brunette. It gives me hope that one day I can live out my high school fantasies and marry Seth Cohen. (God, the questions I would have Sandy Cohen! The eyebrows I wouldn’t want my kids to inherit!) Because if that fantasy can come true, maybe the one about me growing huge boobs could happen too. Hey, it’s a snow day, a girl can dream!

(Photo: Sam Sharma, PacificCoastNews.com)