Seth Cohen Looks All Grown Up In His GQ Spread

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Before Adam Brody disappeared from The O.C spotlight, I harbored a huge crush on him. Or on Seth Cohen. I had trouble differentiating between the character and the actor because they always sounded exactly the same while on script or in interviews.

Since The O.C ended, he's popped up here and there in miscellanous movies, but his career never really took off. Even though I think he could have pulled off a much better version of the awkward character Michael Cera plays in every movie. But now it's too late because he's grown out of that awkward man-child stage and emerged a full man.

He's such a full man that you can now see him on the pages of the May issue of GQ. (We've been asked to take down the scans, but we'll have hi-res images of the shoot up soon.) While he obviously still looks just as charming as ever, he definitely also looks all grown up. Which I guess makes sense because he's 32. Bye bye crush on awkward Seth Cohen — the boy who played with a plastic horse named Captain Oats.

And he's not the only O.C character to grow up. Mischa Barton, the girl who died from playing the song “Halleluah” too many times, also spent some time posing in a grown-up fashion recently. Except she did it for Noel Gallagher's upcoming music video and her shoot required her to run through the streets wearing leopard print lingerie. Classic Misch!