6 A-List Actresses Who Disappeared From The Spotlight

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It's a tale as old as time: you're flipping through the channels looking for something to watch (or more accurately, scrolling Netflix) and you see a good throwback flick from — say — 2004. The lead actress is not only talented but versatile and at the time she was in like, every movie that was worth it to see. But then you have to ask yourself, “where the eff has she been?”

Hollywood is ever-changing and the biggest star of the late 2000s could probably walk into a Starbucks unnoticed at this point. Take a trip back and remember all the A-list actresses who fell off their pedestals and/or just disappeared from nightly Entertainment Tonight gossip roundups. You know the ladies I'm talking about here — the ones who one graced every magazine cover, every awards show, every movie in theaters — then just up and vanished. Okay, maybe they didn't all poof — vanish, but their stars certainly aren't shining as brightly as they once did.