Actress Amanda Peet’s Idea Of Cocaine Is ‘Game Of Thrones’

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Everyone has their addiction. Some have alcohol or sex or chocolate or even the gym. But actress Amanda Peet‘s addiction is the HBO series Game of Thrones. This actually seems to be going around, so apparently it's contagious. Look out.

Recently Peet talked to Huffington Post about her new show Bent on NBC as well as other TV shows that get her, um, off. Starting tonight at 9pm ET you can see all six episodes of Bent, back-to-back and in just a matter of the next three weeks. Have you even heard of this show? From what I'm gathering it's a comedy, but the promotion of it has obviously sucked.

In Bent,¬†Peet plays Alex, the working mom who's straight as an arrow, and opposite her is the “bad” boy who becomes her contractor, played by David Walton. I don't know how this series is supposed to evolve, but a shot in the dark suggests we have some chemistry, sexual tension for several episodes and wham! It's love shack nation. But I'm not a psychic.

However, back to the coke addiction. Lucky for Peet, her drug supplier is her husband, David Benioff, who is executive producer of Game of Thrones.” When asked about exactly how familiar she is with the show, she responded:

“Well, that goes without saying! I'm like a coke addict for Game of Thrones. He's like my druglord — when he brings home dailies, I'm like shaking in the corner.”

The lesson here is that you don't always necessary need to indulge in the hard stuff to have a good time. A simple thing like a great television show or even a fine piece of chocolate can give you very similar results. It also won't fuck up your nasal passage, and eventually give you collapsed-nose face. Then no one will want to be your friend; no one likes a friend with coke nose.