18 Actors Who Have An Amazing Talent For Foreign Accents

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When creating a character for a movie or a TV show, there's a ton of work that is required. You have to know the character's backstory, motivations, posture, relationships, and of course, the way they speak. Though we might not think about them in everyday life, our accents are an integral part of who we are as people. Mastering different accents is tough work, but for top actors, it's just part of the job, and actors are used to doing lots of research.

Some of the actors on this list have spent their whole career taking on different accents, while others have one or two standout performances that are just too good to be ignored. A lot of them are so talented, you might not even know where the actor is from. The award winners here show off their talents in everything from emotional biopics to beloved romantic comedies, proving that there's always room for a great accent.