16 Actors Who Did Double Duty Playing Their Own Twin

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When casting for a movie or TV show that requires twins, it's easy to just cast twins. Shows even do it for child roles that don't have a twin just because of certain filming laws and realizing child actors can exhibit diva-esque behavior on occasion.

Other times, you find the perfect actor for a role – but, whoops, they don't have a twin! What do you do then? Well, have them play both parts, of course! Plenty of the most popular twins in film and television have only been played by one person. I sure hope they got two paychecks, though!

We're going to bet there are more than a few roles that you'll be surprised to learn weren't played by twins but by a single actor. It definitely blew our 12-year-old brains to learn Lindsay Lohan didn't actually have a twin. Some actors put in double the work and churn out double the amazing performances.