20 Actors Who Gave Up Their Hollywood Careers For a Normal Job

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actors with normal jobs

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In the world of acting, you usually stick with the profession until the end. This is mostly because once you have your foot in the door, it’s best not to leave for fear of that door locking shut.

That said, there are plenty of actors who decided to ditch the limelight for normal jobs. If they made it out of stardom without losing it, they’re lucky. They’re even more fortunate for being able to put their famous background behind them for normal jobs.

Not all actors can maintain their same level of fame. This is especially true for those who were only babies when their fame took off because there’s no guarantee their skills would improve or even be all that great, not to mention the fact that they might not even like acting.

But that also means some of these people just didn’t have the chops to cut it in the adult acting world. Most of them decided to quit their acting careers to go after something they’re truly passionate about. Here are some of the actors with normal jobs who used to be our all-time faves.