21 Actors Who Played More Than One Character On Their TV Show

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Acting is hard work, there's no doubt about it. When you're on a TV show, you have to show up week after week and deliver the material, knowing that it could all end if audiences don't connect with what you're giving. Now, just imagine that pressure, but multiplied by two, or three, or even more. That's what all of these stars were facing when they played more than one character on their TV show.

Sometimes these second characters are introduced in the final seasons, as a way to create new drama when a show is about to say goodbye. Other times, it's a plot element that's critical to the success of the entire show. Some of these shows are high quality dramas, some are classic teen melodramas, and some are sitcoms that are just trying to get a few laughs. Either way, they've got us seeing double.