18 Actors/Actresses Who Are Best Known for Their Worst Movie

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Not all movies are great. And it has to be that way, because if every movie was great, then no movie would be great. There need to be a few not-so-great and even a few pretty-bad ones to really let the great ones shine. For every overly cheesy romantic comedy, there’s a empowering girl squad we’d love to join IRL. For each ‘are you out of your mind?‘ scary movie, there’s an out of this world psychological thriller. The point is, it evens out.

The thing about bad movies is that they can feature good actors and actresses, who then unfairly gain a reputation as “the person who starred in that terrible movie.” (They can also feature bad actors and actresses who just compound the terribleness, see #12 and #13.) Fortunately, good actors can prove themselves in other performances, and that initial reputation is just something to laugh about, like a childhood nickname.

These 18 actors and actresses are well known for their worst movie—but for most of them, they’ve starred in enough redeeming roles that we’re willing to forgive them for their missteps. And don’t deny it, some of these are secretly your guilty pleasure. It’s okay, we all watch bad movies on purpose sometimes.