Blake Shelton Makes Fun Of Taylor Swift’s Famous ‘Surprise Face’ At The 2012 ACM Awards

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April kicked off with a country twang as the biggest names in the country music industry gathered together last night for the 2012 ACM Awards. The what awards? The Academy of Country Music Awards, not to be confused with the CMAs, the Country Music Association Award show that takes place every fall.

I know, I know, there are just too many award shows these days to keep track of. All you have to know about music awards shows is that Taylor Swift will win at ¬†least one award and she will make her classic “golly darn jeepers, did I really win that big ole award” face. It's expected at this point. The same way everyone expects Nicki Minaj to get dressed in Dracula's closet and then mix in a few accessories from Lisa Frank's 1992 fall collection before hitting the red carpet.

Well, it used to be expected until last night when host Blake Shelton totally stole her thunder by making fun of her signature shock face. Of course Taylor Swift took it in stride and refrained from making the face herself when she won her Entertainer of The Year award at the end of the night. Rather than pull her famous O face, she smiled and looked pleased with herself. As she should be, considering that she had just won the biggest award of the night.

24 hours ago I had no idea Blake Shelton was a famous country singer and I had no idea he was going to be my new favorite entertainer. But after that amazing moment on stage I can't help but fall in love with him. I also can't help but hope that this is the end of Taylor Swift making her surprise face. If she's going to continue winning all the awards at these shows, I'd rather see her look pleased and not look “shocked.”

You know who has an authentic “surprised” face? Jennifer Lawrence.