Abram Boise Gets Probation For Smearing-Poop-On-Wall Incident

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Just in time for last night's premiere of the latest Real World/Road Rules Challenge, MTV reality veteran Abram Boise has gotten probation for an incident earlier this year where he smeared his own poop on the wall of a jail cell. Abram, who was on a tour to promote his self-published kids' book The Star of Happiness, was arrested for indecent exposure when he peed in public. While in jail, he decided to get revenge on the system by doing the whole smearing-poop thing, which just resulted in him getting an additional charge and his girlfriend, fellow Challenge alum Cara Maria Sorbello, breaking up with him.

But it looks like everything's coming up Abe this week: he announced on Twitter that he got three months' probation and an $1,190 fine. Also, sources tell Crushable that Abe and Cara Maria are back on – she was partly wooed back when Abram got friends and fans of the show to post messages on Cara Maria's Facebook wall urging her to rethink her decision.

And with that, let's hope that this is the last thing I ever have to write about Abram's bodily excretions. Or anyone's, for that matter.