We Chatted With The Stars And Director of About Time And What They Said Kinda Changed Our Lives

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If you could travel time to go back to any day in your past, which day would you choose? I want to say that I'd go back to an hour ago when I ate a really delicious piece of cake, but, if I were being serious, it'd be such a tough choice to have to make. But that's exactly what Bill Nighy, Domhnall Gleeson, and Richard Curtis, the stars and director of the new (insanely phenomenal) romance drama, About Time, had to decide when we sat down to talk with them about the film.

The two stars and the director all had pretty different ideas about where they'd go and what they'd do. Bill plucked on both our heartstrings and humorstrings with his sweet and heartfelt answer.

“It would be like the film. I would go back to certain moments with my daughter growing up. Those moments were usually around bedtime when they become incredibly attractive and charming like anything not to go to sleep, that thing where they do the nighttime cabaret and they become more beautiful than ever. I'd probably do a few bedtimes.”

But Domhnall was not in the mood to be out-awesomed by Bill's answer, and told us that he'd use his free time travel pass to reunite with his grandparents who have passed away.

I'd probably go back when my grandparents were still alive and maybe spend a little bit of quality time with them when I was a little bit younger might be a nice thing to do.

But I think my favorite answer has to be Richard's answer. It just really puts things into perspective for me.

If I could go back to anywhere, I think I'd just go back to Christmas ten years ago. The idea for the film, in fact, I can specifically remember it came from a conversation with a friend about whether or not we were happy, and we both came to the conclusion we were not as happy as we should be. And we kept talking about what would be the perfect day.  And we said, ten years ago, we would have said we'd like to fly to Las Vegas, win $1 million, get a text saying that you'll be nominated for an Oscar. And now, the happiest day was the one we were having, just having lunch with each other, taking your kids to school, having dinner with the family.”

Doesn't that just get your brain juices flowing about the really important things in life? It reminds me to appreciate all of the moments in my life as they happen and not, you know, after I've already missed out on them. Like, I say that I appreciate life as it comes at me, but when I left the theater after watching it, I really, really wanted to cherish every single moment. I thought differently about things than I'd ever had before and that's probably the most cliché sentence to ever be written, but I'm too busy kissing the ground and hugging my loved ones to fret about clichés.