5 Facts About Skylar Astin, Star of 21 And Over And Our Dreams

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Skylar Astin Suit

21 and Over, the newest project from the director of The Hangover comes out today, so we've been thinking a lot more about Skylar Astin lately. Astin stars opposite Miles Teller and Justin Chon as a dude on a mission to throw his friend the most debauched 21st birthday party ever. This is a sharp departure from his role in Pitch Perfect, or even the one in our dreams where he serenades us and we waltz across the sky. But this kid has range, he can sing, and his star is blowing up. So if he's not a recognizable name in your household, we're here to help you brush up a little bit. Here are 5 things you should know about Skylar Astin.

1.) He's a musical theater powerhouse.

Ages before he was the smooth-voiced crooner from Pitch Perfect, he was a theater camp kid. While in middle school, he attended Stagedoor manor summer camp, a well-known talented kid mill in the Catskills of Upstate New York that boasts alums like Lea Michele and Mandy Moore. While attending NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, he was cast as Spring Awakening‘s  Georg when the musical coming of age drama that did its first run in 2007. His vocal talents were also put to use at the voice of Roy in Wreck-it Ralph.

2.) That's not his real name:

Born Skylar Astin Lipstein, he chose his middle name “Astin” to be his stage name at the age of 15. One can only imagine he gets asked if he's related to Sean Astin like, all the time though.

3.) He's a college drop-out!

Just like Kanye, Anne Hathaway, and the Olsens, Astin didn't make it to graduation day at his alma mater. When he was cast in Spring Awakening, he left NYU Tisch to pursue his theater and film career with all of his energy. Further causing us to question why we even bothered graduating in the first place.

4.) Kelly Kapowski was his first huge crush. 

That's what he admits to in this interview musical duo Tegan and Sara. Astin remembers at the height of his monster crush on Tiffani Amber Thiessen, he would talk to her picture in teen magazines. Dawww… What a heartwarming little adolescent boy. Call me naive, but I will only imagine him saying sweet and gentlemanly things to her.

5.) He rocked the JTT haircut in the nineties. 

In the Tegan and Sarah interview, we also learn that he took a page out of the Jonathan Taylor Thomas hairstyle bible as a little boy in the nineties. Because we remember that the assymetrical mushroom haircut was like “The Rachel” for male children during those years. And he has a sense of humor about it. Somehow, we know that we would have been just as into him then as we are now.

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