Crushable Knows: Your Comprehensive Guide To The Lindsay Lohan Criminal Timeline

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March 2013. (STS / WENN.com)

March 2013.
(STS / WENN.com)

Hi! Welcome! I bet you're wondering what Lindsay Lohan is up to lately. What capers has she been in? Whose car is she pretending not to have been driving? Which drugs is she definitely not addicted to? Or maybe you're not wondering, but you'd like to know where this slip'n'slide that she calls life really got started. Well in either case, you're in luck, because Crushable is here to guide you through the ins and outs of Miss LiLo's entire arrest and rehab history (with none of that distracting stuff like movie roles or good reviews), so come along with us for a very bumpy ride.

April 2007. (Roger Eldemire / WENN.com)

April 2007.
(Roger Eldemire / WENN.com)


  • JANUARY 17TH: After a spate of car accidents and unsuccessful Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, Lindsay voluntarily enters her first 30-day rehab program at Wonderland Center. Released February 16th.
  • MAY 26TH: Arrested for DUI after losing control of her car and driving it up a curb. She checks into her second rehab facility, a 45-day program at Promises. After she finishes the program, she is voluntarily fitted with her first SCRAM bracelet to monitor her alcohol levels.
  • JULY 24TH: Lindsay is pulled over and refuses a field sobriety test. When she's taken to the station, her blood alcohol is found to be above the legal limit, and she is arrested for her second DUI. This time she's charged with cocaine possession and driving on a suspended license as well — for a total of five misdemeanors.
  • AUGUST: She enters her third rehab facility, a three-month program at Cirque Lounge. She is released in October.
  • AUGUST 23RD: Lindsay pleads guilty to misdemeanor cocaine use and driving while under the influence. She is sentenced to 1 day of jail, 10 days of community service, and 3 years probation, and ordered to pay fines and attend an alcohol education program.
  • NOVEMBER 15TH: She serves 84 minutes in jail and is released due to overcrowding.
September 2008. (Jody Cortes / WENN.com)

September 2008.
(Jody Cortes / WENN.com)


  • OCTOBER 16TH: An additional year of probation is added to Lindsay's sentence after she misses alcohol education classes stemming from her DUIs.
October 2009. (Andres Otero / WENN.com)

October 2009.
(Andres Otero / WENN.com)

June 2010. (Apega / WENN.com)

June 2010.
(Apega / WENN.com)


  • MAY 20TH: She skips a mandatory hearing to go to the Cannes Film Festival and a bench warrant is issued for her arrest. However, someone in her camp posts her $100,000 bail and she serves no time, although she is required to attend more alcohol education classes, wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet, and undergo random drug-testing in order to remain free on bail.
  • MAY 24TH: Lindsay is fitted with her second SCRAM bracelet.
  • JULY 6TH: A judge determines that she has violated the terms of her probation by missing the mandatory court appearance, and sentences her to 90 days in jail and 90 days of rehab.
  • JULY 20TH – AUGUST 2ND: Due to overcrowding Lindsay serves only 14 days of her jail sentence, and only 23 days of her (fourth) rehab program at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.
  • SEPTEMBER 24TH: She fails a drug test and her probation is revoked. She spends fourteen hours in jail and is released on $300,000 bail.
  • OCTOBER: She begins her fifth rehab stint, this time at the Betty Ford Center, where she will remain for three months, by court order.
September 2011. (Andrea Raffin / WENN.com)

September 2011.
(Andrea Raffin / WENN.com)


  • JANUARY 3RD: Lindsay is released from her court-mandated rehab stay.
  • FEBRUARY 9TH: Charged with felony grand theft for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store back in January.
  • APRIL 22ND: Sentenced to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service after pleading no contest to misdemeanor theft and probation violation. She serves 5 hours of jail time and is released again due to overcrowding, on a $75,000 bond.
  • MAY 26TH – JUNE 29TH: Lindsay serves 35 days of her sentence on house arrest.
  • OCTOBER 19TH: Has her probation revoked for failing to complete her community service and is briefly taken into custody before posting $100,000 bail.
  • NOVEMBER 2ND: She is sentenced to 30 days in jail and another 400 hours of community service.
  • NOVEMBER 7TH: She completes less than 5 days in jail due to ongoing overcrowding.
November 2012. (FayesVision / WENN.com)

November 2012.
(FayesVision / WENN.com)


  • MARCH 29TH: Lindsay finally completes her community service, therapy, and court appearances, ending her felony probation, although two more years of informal probation remain. Her probation will officially end in May 2014.
  • JUNE 8TH: She is involved in a car accident with an 18-wheeler. Although drinking is not a factor for once, Lindsay is suspected of removing something from the car and lying to the police about who was behind the wheel at the time of the accident.
  • SEPTEMBER 19TH: She is accused of striking a pedestrian with her car in Manhattan and fleeing the scene, but the case is not pursued.
  • NOVEMBER 29TH: Arrested for third-degree assault at Manhattan club for punching Tiffany Mitchell in the face, allegedly in a dispute over The Wanted band member Max George.
  • NOVEMBER 29TH: Later that day she is charged with lying to police, obstructing an officer, and reckless driving from her June 8th accident.
  • DECEMBER 15TH: At a court hearing, Lindsay's probation from the necklace theft is officially revoked.
February 2013. (Ivan Nikolov / WENN.com)

February 2013.
(Ivan Nikolov / WENN.com)


  • MARCH: After initially refusing a plea bargain at her 20th court visit since 2007, Lindsay pleads no contest to lying to police officers and accepts a ninety day rehab stay in exchange for no jail time. These are charges stemming from her June 8th, 2012 car accident.

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