There’s No Way Chris Brown Didn’t See The Resemblance Between His Tattoo And Rihanna’s Battered Face

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Last week I threw Chris Brown and Team Breezy a bone when I said that he's clearly somewhat remorseful about what he did because he volunteered at a domestic abuse center. But now I take it all back.

Like many of you who read the news about Chris Brown getting a tattoo on his neck that looked strikingly like Rihanna's battered face yesterday and immediately vomited, I too felt disgusted by his behavior. And despite the fact that his publicity team immediately claimed that it was NOT Rihanna, it so clearly resembled what he did to her face I did a double-take and a third-take and then a Nadya-Suleman-Octotake.

Now to insult to literal injury, he claims that the tattoo's a sugar skull associated with the Day of the Dead. Obviously anyone who sees a resemblance to Rihanna will see it because they hate Chris Brown and refuse to forgive him for something that he did a long time ago — and not because it looks like the infamous photo of Rihanna's battered face. It's just a sugar skull.

Well fuck you Chris Brown. The fact that you'd even pretend that you don't see a resemblance to Rihanna's face makes you an even bigger asshole than we thought. (Which I assure you is pretty hard to do.) Yes, if you were just another guy who didn't beat up his girlfriend, I would believe you just wanted a sugar skull on your neck. That it's art.

But you're not just another guy. You're Chris Brown. The man who beat up his girlfriend and showed approximately little to no remorse. Unless of course titling your album “Forgiving All My Enemies” was supposed to prove that you started on your path of redemption.

To pretend that you got this tattoo and saw NO resemblance between it and what you did to Rihanna's face is a bold-faced lie.

No it's worse. It's flaunting it in our faces that you can beat up a woman and still be successful. That you can get a tattoo of her battered face on your neck and your fans will stand by you. And since Team Breezy's already out in full force on this case, I guess you win. No matter how horrible of a human being you are, you will always have support from your fans.

I just hope when they need your support, you're there for them — and you're not punching them so hard that their lip splits open.

(Photo: Judy Eddy/WENN.com)