Abigail Breslin Punches A Stuntman In The Face, Presumably Rehearsing For A Lindsay Lohan Biopic

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Abigail Breslin must be maturing faster than I thought, because she skipped right past the normal growth stages of Hollywood child stars and went right to Lindsay Lohan-style punching of humans in the face.Yeah that's right. The adorable little girl from Little Miss Sunshine is sixteen years old now, and she clocked a stuntman so hard on the set of her new movie Final Girl that he had to go to the hospital and was only able to return later, with a big fatty black eye. Oh, Abigail. How the dainty have fallen.

Okay sure, so Lindsay punched Tiffany Mitchell on purpose, and Abigail punched her guy on accident and was super apologetic afterward. And Abigail was employed at the time, on-set for her new movie, while Lindsay was drunkenly roaming the country via The Wanted‘s tour bus and will most likely never be employed or on a film set again. And Abigail is a human being while Lindsay is a plastic-surgery-ed tabloid factory…but otherwise the situations are identical.

The guy is totally fine, though. It was just an accident that happened during an action sequence where Abigail is leaning out the window of a car and is supposed to fake hit her scene partner. And because she insisted on doing her own stunts, there are gonna be little things that go wrong every once in a while. Usually not a girl hitting a stuntman so hard in the face that she gives him a black eye, but Abigail Breslin is just bad-ass like that. Deal with it.

So all I'm saying is be careful, Abigail. Because as much as this was an accident, don't get caught up in the thrill of it like LiLo did. If you find yourself with a strange yearning to put in purple contacts or start a relationship with a lesbian DJ or be arrested for drug possession, I'm not saying don't do it, but just be aware.

(Image: Stefan Jeremiah / WENN.com)