17-Year-Old Abigail Breslin Poses Topless, Because What’s A Childhood Anyways?

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Abigail Breslin september 9 2013

In case you wanted to start your weekend off by feeling bad for society, 31-year-old Tyler Shields photographed 17-year-old Abigail Breslin topless. While you thankfully can't see anything, the photos are clearly meant to be provocative. So sorry folks who still think of her as that awkward little girl from Little Miss Sunshine, she's all grown up now and more eager to show you that than ever.

Even though posing naked's become a rite of passage for child stars trying to prove they're adults, it's still sad to see it go down. Probably because it's the most in-our-face reminder that we have that we're living in a sex-obsessed society that puts more value on a woman's body than her brains or her talents or any other ability she may have. While I'd love to believe that Abigail Breslin chose to do these photos for no other reason than she thinks Tyler Shields is an artistic genius and she wants to be involved with his work — I don't. These are meant to send a message to us. A message that she's an adult now and you better start treating her like it.

What this means exactly remains a mystery. It's never quite clear to me what child stars expect from this move. If you want to be treated like an adult, act like it. If you wanted to make the transition to more mature movies, do it. While adults are always hesitant to see child stars as adults, the best way to make this transformation is naturally. As much as people make fun of the Olsen Twins, they did it right. They wanted people to take them seriously as business woman so they behaved like serious business women. Sure it took them a while to make the complete transition from Michelle Tanner to legit fashion designers, but they bided their time and it worked. I don't think anyone snickers about The Row.

Everyone — famous or not — goes through that awkward transition from child to adult, the infamous not-a-girl-but-not-yet-a-woman phase. No one gets sexy overnight, no matter how much money you have or how many connections you have to famous photographers or how many wrecking balls you have access to. So Abigail Breslin's parents, in case you're in the mood to parent today, sit down and have a talk with your daughter about this. She's a talented young woman and there's no need for her to prove herself by taking off her clothes.

(Photo: Sean O'Neill, PacificCoastNews)