Abigail Breslin is Twilight Obsessed!

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22739PCN_Happening39-abigail-breslin.jpgAbigail Breslin recently chatted with NYLON Magazine about her upcoming Broadway role, her love of writing, and being Twi-Obsessed!

On Playing Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker on Broadway:
[Keller] is one of my heroes. “When I got the call asking if I would play her, I was like, ‘Heck, yes!’

On Going to Disneyworld:
It’s really fun! You get to go on rides all day, and then at night I do this thing called Candlelight, where I tell the story of Christmas to the audience.

On Being Twilight Obsessed:
I’m a crazy, obsessed fan. I went to see the first one on opening day. But I felt left out because everyone in the audience had Twilight T-shirts and I didn’t. So I have Twilight T-shirts now. And have you seen those Twilight water bottles? I have one of those.

On Writing:
Short stories, mostly. I just wrote one about a girl in a mental institution.

Image Credited to Pacific Coast News