Abigail Breslin and 7 Other Young Actresses Who Dropped Their ‘Good-Girl’ Image with Just One Adult Role

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How do you know Abigail Breslin‘s grown up? She joins an indie teen sex comedy called A Virgin Mary. Now, she's never been squeaky-clean — consider her “Superfreak” dance in Little Miss Sunshine — but the plot still comes as a shock: Abigail's character promises her best guy friend that if neither of them has lost their virginity by 18, they'll sleep with each other.

Joining Abigail in A Virgin Mary are Carter Jenkins as the lucky guy (Valentine's Day), Keke Palmer (last seen on Degrassi) as her best friend, and Daryl Sabara (from the Spy Kids movies).

Turns out this is something of a pattern: Many other young Hollywood actresses made the transition to more adult movies with a single role, shocking either because of their age or their previous “good-girl” look.