ABC Is Casting A New Reality Show Based On HBO’s Girls, Looks Promisingly Trashy

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ABC Is Casting A New Reality Show Based On HBO s Girls  Looks Promisingly Trashy GIRLS1 jpg

When I first read that there was a casting call for a new reality show based on Girls, my first thought was “You know what this show is missing? A Jon Gosselin connection.”  If you thought the same thing, fear not little birds!  Because ABC has allegedly begun the casting process by making Hailey Glassman their version of Hannah.

You remember Hailey Glassman, don’t you?  She’s the daughter of the plastic surgeon who made Kate Gosselin‘s tummy go from a pile of Nickelodeon Gak to flat, toned, and taut on national television.  Oh, AND she also dated Jon Gosselin post-Kate.  And if you’re an avid watcher of Girls on HBO, you probably already know that this sounds exactly like Hannah Horvath.  Although there’s no word yet on whether a Jon Gosselin golden shower scene will make it into the cut, since it’s going to air on network television and all.

So let’s try and guess who else they can cast as the “real-life” Girls:

Tila Tequila as the Marnie one. I can totally see this you guys. Classy meets classier.

Heidi Montag as the Shoshanna one.  Name one way in which these two aren’t similar.  I dare you.

Bridget Marquardt as the Jessa one. Free-spirited blondes who like to show their tits.  Perf.

The “real-life” version will follow ‘a group of extroverted girls who are well-educated, go to brunch on Sundays and bust their asses during the week to make ends meet’, according to an elusive “insider.”  ‘The premise of the series is to show the hardships of living in New York City and the hustle and creativity it takes to survive in the concrete jungle,’ the source told Radar.

This will most likely be another reality show that I mercilessly talk shit on but will sit down and watch at least once or thrice.

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