16 Times Abbi and Ilana were BFF Goals on Broad City

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Comedy Central

The extremely anticipated season four of Broad City is finally here. If you are among the 1% of people who haven't seen the show at least once… it is basically a much better, female version of Workaholics. Emphasis on *much better* because two New York self-proclaimed qweens will always be better than any group of males. Abbi and Ilana are honest (sometimes a little too much), optimistic, and hilarious. They tackle every real-life, big-city struggle as best friends and somehow always make it out alive.

These BFFs experience all the cringe-worthy moments that we pretend don't happen to the best of us, like a bad toilet situation in front of a cute neighbor, but they constantly have each other's back. We are so on board with how relatable Abbi and Ilana are. We've put together a list of 16 times the two girls were complete best friend goals.