Watch The Exact Moment Big Brother Racist Aaryn Gries First Hears She Lost Her Job

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Watch The Exact Moment Big Brother Racist Aaryn Gries First Hears She Lost Her Job Aaryn Gries first interview post Big Brother 15 jpgAlright, Big Brother has been a total saga this season, but it seems like the end might finally be in sight, so let me catch you up. This was the show’s fifteenth season, and in honor of that very momentous occasion, they stocked the cast chock-full of racists and shut them all up in a house together all summer.

There were three main offenders, but the one I want to focus on here is Aaryn Gries, the twenty-two year old college student from Texas who had a lot of suuuuuper intelligent opinions to share about minority groups like African Americans, homosexuals, and Asian Americans. Here are some highlights lowlights:

  • About Candice, an African-American housemate: “Be careful what you say in the dark, you might not be able to see the bitch.”
  • Referring to Helen, an Asian contestant: “Shut up, go make some rice.”
  • In regards to Andy, a gay cast member: “Nobody is going to vote for whoever that queer puts up.”

So just a whole spectrum to choose from of really ignorant, inappropriate, unnecessary comments about her housemates. But don’t worry, guys! She’s pretty sure it’s all okay because she’s been similarly oppressed her entire life by nicknames like ‘Barbie’. I mean, yeah man — it’s tough all over.

And plus, she couldn’t possibly be racist, because an entire photograph exists in the world of her standing next to a real live black guy! So quit jumping to conclusions, okay? I know it’s a confusing world, but the only thing that’s ever definitively non-racist is a sentence that ends with “…because I’m friends with black people.” That’s how you know you’re really on the right track, equality-wise.

But as disgusting and shameful as all that was, there was a glorious silver lining. There was intense media backlash to Aaryn’s remarks in what was essentially real time, since they were first picked up on the 24/7 feed, and only televised on the primetime show after pressure from the media…but Aaryn had no idea about any of that, because she’d been sequestered all summer. Even better, she had no inkling that she’d been let go from her two jobs — a modeling contract with Zephyr Management and a gig with Bella Petit magazine — even though they’d both let her go months ago.

She had a brief interview with Julie Chen when she was first evicted, but then still didn’t have the opportunity to reconnect with the outside world until the finale aired last night. So all three of the finalists would find out in the same night, and almost the same moment, that they’d been fired from their jobs. I couldn’t wait. Sure, I’m vindictive, but you try to tell me that watching this video isn’t the most satisfying thing you’ve done all week:

Love that. Love. It. She’d already issued a couple soundbytes of apologies, once she found out that the rest of America wasn’t as down with her commentary as housemates (and fellow unemployed humans) GinaMarie and Spencer, but that was literally the first moment she heard she might not have a job. And I love how in denial she is! “Um, I’ve been sequestered and know literally nothing about what’s happened in the world for the past ninety days, but I am 100% positive that I’m not putting my foot in my mouth right now.” Sweet sweet televised revenge.

Since that comment, Aaryn’s apparently finally accepted that she’s been let go, and released the following statement:

“You know, [my contract’s] not there anymore, but to be honest with you, it really wasn’t that great of an agency anyway. And I have six meetings with six new agencies tomorrow, so it’s a better step.”

Good, good, good. I’m so thrilled to hear that you’re taking this seriously. As long as we’re all learning and whatnot. I’m glad you’re being so great about accepting responsibility for all this.