Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Proposed To His Girlfriend In The Least Jesse Pinkman-ish Way Possible

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If you, like me, sometimes have trouble separating out actor Aaron Paul from his drug dealing character on Breaking Bad, here is the story of how he got engaged to his fiance Lauren Parsekian. In a word: just like in the movies! (The happy ones.)

In a new interview with Vulture, Paul explains how it all went down:

“We got engaged on New Year's. We were in Barcelona, staying with her aunt who’s an artist out there, and then we did an impromptu trip to Paris. Well, she thought it was impromptu; I had the ring burning in my pocket for three months. I always knew I wanted to do it on New Year's in Paris. With her. It’s the story, you know? Paris is the most romantic city on the planet. We were walking the streets alone with a bottle of Champagne in hand, and right before midnight we were sitting on a stoop in St. Germain, surrounded by lit-up Christmas trees. And we started dancing to some Edith Piaf … and then I popped the question.”

Jesus Christ, Aaron Paul! Were you trying to kill her with cinematic cheesiness? Next you're going to start rattling on about soul mates and the best day of your life.

I kid, I kid. I'm sure I would have cried, had I been around to witness it. But two questions:

1.) How was Edith Piaf playing outdoors?

2.) Are we going to see Jesse Pinkman star in a Zales commercial any time soon? Please, please, please let Jesse Pinkman star in a Zales commercial.

(Via Vulture)

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