Video: Once Upon A Time, Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Was A Very Hyper Contestant On The Price Is Right

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Last night on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Leno had a little surprise in store for guest Aaron Paul. You see, Paul thought he was there to talk about Breaking Bad, and sure, he got to do a bit of that. But his segment's main purpose was to replay old footage of his energetic appearance on The Price Is Right. Yeah, bitch!

Leno started off by asking him how he got on The Price Is Right back in 1998 (an appearance Paul has discussed before), prompting Paul to calmly explain how he and his friends used to maximize their chances of getting picked. Leno asked him how it went, but before Paul could say anything, Leno said “we have it!” and played the footage.

In it, an incredibly excited Paul jumps up and down like he's just done a line of blue meth, at one point exclaiming “I'm touching Bob Barker! Yeah!” As it turns out, Paul got all the way to the final showcase round, but his guess was a mere $132 over, so he went home with only a desk. This was a very sad time for him, but his friend ended up winning a little while later, and took him on a trip to New Orleans as a consolation prize.

Paul was a pretty great sport about all of this, standing up and clapping for his own ridiculous performance. And considering how nerve wracking it can be to try to guess the prices of various products, I can only imagine it helped him prepare for his Emmy-winning role on the most nerve-wracking show of all time.

(Via NBC)