Aaron Carter Watched Lizzie McGuire To Re-Live The Glory Days, But Don’t Worry, He’s Totally Over Hilary Duff

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Aaron Carter Watched Lizzie McGuire To Re Live The Glory Days  But Don t Worry  He s Totally Over Hilary Duff aaron carter and hilary duff jpg

Remember when Aaron Carter tried to pretend he was over Hilary Duff? And when she then announced that it was time for him to stop talking about her because, tbh, it was getting weird? Well, looks like nobody’s getting what they want today, except for maybe all of us. 

Apparently, Aaron’s spending this holiday season re-living the glory days of youth, mainly by watching that one Christmas episode of Lizzie McGuire in which the two tweens shared a really awkward, middle-school-esque kiss under the mistletoe. But he won’t do it in secret. No, sir, he wants the world to know of his holiday escapades, and by world I mean Instagram:

“Merry Christmas, Lizzie McGuire.” #IWantCandy #AaronCarter #Flashback I never actually watched this before

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Yes, Aaron you’re toooooootally over Hilary Duff. There are definitely no feelings there. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. But let’s talk about the caption really fast. “I never actually watched this before.” Really, Aaron? You expect me to believe that you don’t have this episode playing on a constant loop in back of some Hilary Duff shrine you have in the back of your closet à la Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold? Nice try, bucko, but I’m on to you.

Oh, and the fun didn’t stop there, because Instagram proved to be too small of a public platform for Aaron’s taste. Shortly after, he took to Twitter with this gem:

Okay, I’m not going to validate this statement by saying that my 9-year-old self was definitely jealous, but I will say that I want to start a petition to officially ban Aaron Carter from using a winky face emoji ever again. Oh, and I’m fulling expecting him to walk around Hilary Duff’s neighborhood around Christmastime wear a mistletoe headband, so if someone sees him, send me a snapchat. I’ll be waiting eagerly by my phone.

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