Aaron Carter Is Seriously Trying To Win Hilary Duff Back Via Twitter, OMG You Guys

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Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter attending premiere of Lizzie McGuire Movie April 2003Remember that glorious time in our youths when Aaron Carter and Hilary Duff were dating? Our puka shell necklaces were glistening, our glitter eye shadow was eyebrow-high, and nothing could touch us.

But then Lindsay Lohan came along, and Aaron was so tantalized by her flowing red locks that he stomped all over his on-and-off relationship with Hilary and rode off into the sunset with LiLo, never to be seen again.

UNTIL NOW. Because you guys! Aaron is legitimately trying to get Hilary back right now. And this isn't even me trying to stir up trouble off of unfounded rumors. This is coming directly from Aaron himself, and his blatant Twitter attempts to win back Hilary's heart now that she and her husband Mike Comrie are getting a divorce. I guess he kept his distance during that whole dating and being married for four years and having a(n adorable) baby together thing, but now he smells the blood in the water and is going thrashing through the social media world to get at it.

First he retweeted a photo that someone else had posted of Hilary, with the caption ‘Hilary Duff is flawless'.

Aaron Carter retweet of Hilary Duff photo March 2014

Innocent enough, right? Just a silly old retweet of a lady you used to know. But the plot thickened when he posted the following tweet directly afterward:

Mmmkay, definitely seems like you're talking about Hilary, but we can't be sure, right?

If only there was some way to tell.

OH DAMN SON WHAT. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Do you hear that sound? It's our middle school selves screaming in pain after snagging their lips on their braces in their excitement.

Your move, Duff. Your move.

(Photo: Lucy Nicholson / Getty Images Entertainment)