Which Of You Guys Told Aaron Carter That He Should Do Another Tour?

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Aaron CarterThe blasts from the past just keep coming this week: first Justin Timberlake drops a new single, then Destiny's Child sets a date for the release of a new album, and now good ‘ol Aaron Carter is announcing a whole new tour.

Yeah, tour. Like multiple stops. Like on purpose. Who told him to do this? Was it you? Was it Nick? Taking place eleven years after his last studio album, this farce will be called The After Party Tour, and currently has sixteen stops scheduled, with the potential of more to be added, according to the announcement on his Facebook page.

I'm Happy to Announce That I Will Be Going on My long Overdue Tour TheAfterPartyTour! Stay Tuned For More Dates That Will Be Added Soon. Here we go!

Yes. Long overdue. One might make a fitting comparison to a library book you checked out eleven years ago, and now you've had it so long you've forgotten why you checked it out in the first place. Or that you had it at all. And now you have to pay to give it back. But I'm being rude, I apologize. We really shouldn't write him off yet, you guys, because a whole 1,322 people have ‘liked' that status in the ten hours since he posted it. That's enough people to sell out my high school cafetorium 5.29 times!! This will be a fun party! But only if you live in one of the following cities:

02/23/13: The Forum – Buffalo, NY 
02/24/13: Westcott Theater – Syracuse, NY
02/26/13: Hard Rock Cafe – Pittsburgh, PA
02/27/13: Toads Place – New Haven, CT 
03/03/13: Gramercy Theatre – New York City, NY 
03/05/13: Iron Horse Music Hall – Northampton, MA 
03/06/13: Revolution Bar & Music Hall – Amityville, NY 
03/07/13: The Stone Pony – Asbury Park, NJ 
03/08/13: The Note – West Chester, PA 
03/09/13: Rams Head on Stage – Annapolis, MD 
03/10/13: Jammin’ Java – Vienna, VA 
03/19/13: Musica – Akron, OH
03/20/13: Skully’s Music – Columbus, OH
03/21/13: The Magic Bag – Ferndale, MI

03/23/13: Phonix Hill Tavern – Louisville, KY

03/26/13: Juanita’s – Little Rock, AR 
03/28/13: Knickerbockers – Lincoln, NE

If you happen to live anywhere else, you will have to continue the afterparty in the comfort of your own home, preferably with this on repeat.

But rest assured either way guys — aside from some dangerous brushes with the law, drugs, and reality television (all equally terrifying), Aaron is mostly the same guy he always was. He's twenty-five with a forearm tattoo, a sideways baseball cap, and a hankering for candy. I can't decide whether it's reassuring or vaguely horrifying that we're the same age.

(Image: Facebook)