A Trip Down Memory Lane: MadTV Parodies Medium

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Okay, these are super-old (2007, I think), but I ran across them this weekend on YouTube when I was looking for Medium videos, and the first one is absolutely hysterical. The FOX sketch comedy show, MadTV, did two parodies of Medium. The first one, which is by far my favorite, deals with the question that many Medium fans have: Why won't anyone ever believe Allison?

Crista Flanagan, who plays Allison, plays her a bit to bimbo-ish, but she does satirize the murmur that Arquette often uses quite well. The actor who plays Devalos, who I believe is Will Sasso, is pretty spot-on, once you get past the fact that he looks and sounds a lot like SNL-er, Darryl Hammond. The only complaint: Joe is a much better husband than they portray him to be!

(Fun Fact: Crista Flanagan now plays Louise on Mad Men, AKA the secretary who chopped off a guy's foot with a John Deer mower.)

The second video is used more as a vehicle for a recurring MadTV character, Bae Sung, but it's still fun. You can check it out after the jump.