A Real Modern Family: Sarah Hyland Dresses Up As Sofia Vergara

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70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsDid anyone else notice that Sarah Hyland, who plays Hayley Dunphy on Modern Family, was totes dressed up as her costar Sofia Vergara tonight?

Now for some reason I always think that Sarah is like sixteen…so when she showed up with a dress full of titty tops, I was like…ummm ought we to be doing that? What a lot of cleave for a wee child! But she's not wee at all, you guys! She's actually twenty-two, so not only can she squeeze her boobs up to her chin at the Golden Globes, but she can also drink the alcohols there and possibly have a wardrobe malfunction and no one will bat an eye.

What I will bat an eye at is the fact that Sarah apparently thought that tonight was Halloween. And her costume is an extremely convincing Sofia Vergara. She's got the cleavage, the big toothy smile, the hair down in the long loose curls, and the black mermaid dress with just a little detailing at the top to draw the eye straight to the décolletage. Honestly they look like clones of each other! The big one and the little one.

Should we expect this trend from the rest of the cast as well? Will Julie Bowen start dyeing her hair dark and wearing redder lipstick? Will Ty Burrell start cultivating a delightfully charming accent? Will Jesse Tyler Ferguson show up in drag at the next awards show? There's no way to know, but I can promise you that no one will ever do it better than Sarah, because she effing nailed it.

(Image: Jason Merritt / Getty)