A Lack Of Knowledge About Beyonce And Jay-Z’s Marriage Can Get You Stabbed

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You may think you're above knowing all the ins and outs of celebrities and their personal lives, but maybe it's time to get informed before it costs you your life.

Last night Cleveland's Fox8 News released a story about a man who stabbed another man simply because his victim didn't know that Jay-Z and Beyonce are married.

This New Year's Eve started as any New Year's Eve in Ohio probably does–with Applebee's and Michelobe (yes, I'm speculating this part). Then around 11pm things got crazy. It was at that time that 31-year-old Parm, Ohio resident Ronald Deaver allegedly stabbed a 48-year-old Garfield Heights man for not being up on his Beyonce and Jay-Z knowledge.

Although the victim was promptly taken to the hospital and is reportedly in “good” condition, what does this say about the safety of the rest of us? I may be able to tell you who Kris Humphries is, but I sure as hell can't tell you the name of Kourtney's Gordon Gekko wannabe husband without Googling. I also don't know who the father of January Jone‘s baby is or who Ryan Gosling‘s first love was. This story makes me confirm that leaving my apartment is absolutely a dangerous idea and I should stay put at all costs.

Deaver, the protector of the Beyonce – Jay-Z union, was eventually arrested by police after his lady friend, Jennifer Fornari, tried to claim he no longer lived with her. Of course, this meant that Ms. Fornari, although clearly in on this attempt to rid the world of the ignorant, was also arrested for “obstructing justice.”

Takeaway? Know your celebrity facts, people, before you too run into a wild man with a penchant for taking down those not “in the know.” It's as simple as that.

(photo via Vibe)