A Guide To The Selena Gomez And Demi Lovato Feud: What (Or Who) Drove These Disney Princesses Apart?

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By January, Demi and Selena were on the rocks, which we found out about when a fan asked a mobbed Demi leaving BBC's radio station how her BFF was. “Ask Taylor,” she shot back, which at the time most blogs took to mean Swift, not Taylor Lautner. (Confusing and cryptic, we know!). She also gave an interview saying, “There are times when even if you’ve known someone for a long time, you change. Just because we were best friends doesn’t mean we’re always going to stay best friends.”

After some mulling and hair-pulling, here's the Worst Case Scenario: Selena became tighter with Taylor Swift, who was, let's face it, getting way more mainstream with her career than Selena or Demi. Maybe she was hoping some of that star power would rub off on her, and instead rubbed her former bestie the wrong way. Maybe Taylor did something to hurt Demi's feelings, who knows? And Demi, who became close with Miley, shifted alliances against Selena (at a time when Selena was reconnecting with Nick Jonas, who has quite a past with Miley).

This is kinda sad! Friendship breakups are like divorces in many ways. And Demi and Selena's ties were stronger than blood: Come on, both girls have been linked to the two unmarried Jonas Brothers. Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas Split Up Again! was the People headline last month, right before mentioning that Demi was still happily involved with Joe. The press-happy couple even performed a duet on American Idol.

So what this comes down to is a big ???? of teen-girl drama. Demi Lovato is still pissed at Selena, as seen in her sniping remark's in this month's Girls' Life, which means that shit from December is still going on (or Demi holds a major grudge). Either way, Selena made herself scarce at the Disney press junket where Demi and the Jonas Brothers were yesterday, which would make sense if she had rekindled her romance with Lautner.

You know what though? This story has made me totally glad I'm not in high school anymore. The back-stabbings, the weird pseudo-relationships, the frenemies…who needs it? Sure, this still happens after high school (and college), but hopefully by then your friend group has branched out and doesn't include the same five people that who you rotate around like a group of musical chairs. We hope that Demi and Selena manage to patch things up, or at least let us know what the hell is going on, before Taylor Lautner starts getting as cagey as Robert Pattinson about his dating habits.

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