A Guide To Reality Shows About Wives

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After the success of The Real Housewives franchise, other networks wanted a slice of the action. The result? Several (mostly bad) new reality series about people married to people who have certain careers, from rock musicians to pro wrestlers.

Basketball Wives (Vh1)

This show should have been titled Basketball Players' Ex-Wives and Baby Mamas, since only one (Jennifer Williams) was married to an NBA player at the time the show was airing, and she and her husband have since divorced. Shaunie O'Neal, ex-wife of Shaquille O'Neal, executive produces the show. There was almost no basketball on the show, but there was more than enough drama to go around.

Married to Rock (E!)

It's amazing how boring a show about women married to famous musicians managed to be. Cast members included Etty Farrell (wife of Perry Farrell) and Susan Holmes McKagan (wife of Duff McKagan), but none of the onstage drama made it to the reality show, which tanked.

Hip-Hop Wives and Girlfriends (Vh1)

The new show featured current wives, ex-wives, and ex-girlfriends of rappers and hip hop stars. The first episode got a lot of press when Mashonda, whose husband Swizz Beatz who left her for Alicia Keys, couldn't speak her ex's name on camera without tearing up. Confusingly, one of the women on the show, Olivia, was an artist herself instead of a wife or girlfriend.

Mob Wives (Vh1)

A little bit Real Housewives and a little bit The Sopranos, this show will debut on Vh1 this summer. Set mostly on Staten Island, this show promises plenty of drama (cast member Drita D'avanzo‘s husband used to date another cast member, Karen Gravano).

Sister Wives (TLC)

Based on the success of shows like Big Love and the public interest surrounding the Warren Jeffs polyamy trial, TLC's series Sister Wives was about a Utah family with three wives who were in the process of adding a fourth. Because of the publicity of the show, the family had to move to Nevada to escape possible prosecution. On the plus side, their move provided plenty of material for another season.

Wrestling Wives (Vh1)

Although it hasn't aired yet, Vh1's upcoming Wrestling Wives has already gotten buzz. The show, which is still in development, reportedly includes Stacy Carter (ex-wife of Jerry Lawler) and is set at Booker T‘s wrestling school in Texas.