A Guide To Downton Abbey As Explained With Beyoncé Lyrics

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If you've yet to be introduced to the Crawley family and the drama that encircles their daily lives, then you're probably also one of the few who have yet to show up to the Downton Abbey party that everyone else has been attending for months now. Your invitation has obviously been lost in the mail, and you absolutely must remedy this situation at all costs and most immediately.

Since Downton Abbey is becoming the show to be addicted to and Beyoncé is the woman who keeps finding herself in so many headlines as of late, it makes sense that the two should come together for the sake of humanity. And it makes even more sense that someone would come along and create a blog to honor the show and the singer. Enter Downton Abbeyoncé, and it's is sheer brilliance.

To make even more of a connection between the two, Laura Carmichael who plays Lady Edith Crawley said in an interview when talking about Beyoncé:

She’s a great feminist icon because she is smart, hard-working, sexy without being trashy and loves men but still retains her independence and power. When I’m in a tricky situation I often think: “What would Beyoncé do?” It helps.

Takeway? If you wait around long enough, everything will eventually finds its perfect mate.