A Gossip Girl Primer: Jenny Humphrey

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Of all of the characters on the series to describe, Jenny is the most difficult to describe because… well… she's different. In the book, she's described as petite with brown curly hair and enormous boobs (DD). On the show, Jenny will be played by Taylor Momsen – she of the straight blonde hair, non-big boob variety. I'm usually pretty good at suspending reality for significant changes from book to film (can anyone say Devil Wears Prada?) but this one really threw me. I was kind of expecting someone closer to Alia Shawkat from Arrested Development:


But, the powers that be have declared Taylor Momsen to be Jenny. We'll see how she does.

Jenny is the younger sister of Dan Humphrey. Like her brother, Jenny is an aspiring artist.

Jenny is acutely aware of the fact that she is an outsider among the wealthy and society girls that she wants to be like – especially Serena. While this doesn't seem to bother Dan, it does bother Jenny, who goes to great lengths to fit in.

In the literary world, Jenny became the main character in a Gossip Girl spin-off, The It Girl series. On the show, however, Jenny remains part of the Gossip Girl group. You can check out her promo here:

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