Exclusive: A Chat with the Mother of Sleeping Lady Gaga Baby

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Yesterday, we posted a photo of Lady Gaga holding an adorable sleeping child on her lap, and his mother Jessica commented on the post. We chatted with Jessica , who explained the how the photo came to be — apparently Gaga asked to hold little Luke herself. It's always so refreshing when celebs act like real humans, so check out what Jessica had to say.

So, how did your son end up in Lady Gaga’s lap?

We were walking up to meet Gaga and get her autograph and she actually asked if she could please hold him.  She was so sweet and great with him!  She even autographed the shirt he was wearing and gave him a kiss!

What was his reaction?

When we were outside waiting to go in, he was very happy and he was dancing. He had fallen asleep, but when we woke up in Gaga's arms he just gazed at her and smiled. It was really cute.  Lady Gaga really gave us an amazing experience that we will never forget!

How old is this cute kid?

He's 18 months old

And is he a Gaga fan?

He's been a Gaga fan since he was a newborn.  He hated car rides and would scream so hard, but become instantly silent when I would play “Bad Romance.”  I would have to put the song on repeat the whole ride! Now, even at the young age of 18 months, it amazes me how he walks around the house singing lyrics from all three of her albums.  I played Born this Way (which is awesome)  in the car today and he was in his seat singing away!